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Ministry Update

If you are interested in hosting David Wagner, please call 850-384-3557 or email


April 7th - 10th Everyday Church
Leaders School
Arroyo Grande, California

April 13th - 17th Fathers House School
Cape Town, South Africa

April 23rd - 24th Northern Ireland

April 25th - 27th House of Prayer Europe
Sunderland, England

May 1st - 4th Manningham Christian Centre
CRC Melbourne Conference
Melbourne, Australia

about father's heart

David Wagner has a passion for reaching the lost, restoring the broken, and healing the hurting through the powerful Word of God and the demonstration of the Holy Spirit. David believes the church is a prophetic voice in the Earth today. He has heard the cry of the Father's heart to raise up spiritual sons and daughters in the church. He established Father's Heart Ministries in 2001 to help believers discover their identity in Christ and the destiny and purpose of God for their lives.

Dave has ministered throughout the United States and around the world equipping believers by speaking at prophetic conferences, youth and children's crusades, and leadership training meetings. He has ministered in a variety of denominational settings, and has personally been a part of planting churches in the nations. Throughout his ministry, he has seen thousands experience true fredom from bondage and disease...

In March of 2010 I had the great honor of ministering in the East African nation of Uganda. We ministered to hundreds of Pastors and leaders by day and held outreach meetings at night. During my ten days in Uganda I spent time with each of the pastors who had come to the conference. As I listened to their stories, hearts, and dreams they also told me of their great hardships.

Many of them travelled from great distances on foot, cramped in vans, taxis, and on the back of hired motor bikes.

These pastors came from six nations. Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, and Congo. While listening to their hearts and seeing the need to empower and encourage these pastors, I began to pray about what I could do to make their lives and ministries more productive and easier. I returned home from this trip and encountered something that these African pastors experience on a daily basis. I had cerebral malaria and typhoid fever.

As I was in the hospital recovering, I found myself dreaming of helping at least one of these pastors with transportation needs, During a time of prayer, I heard the Holy Spirit speak to my heart. He simply said: “Motorcycles For Missions” and the dream was born.

The motorcycles are bought locally in each country so that repairs and maintenance can be done easily and cost effectively. On average this dream can become reality for as little as $1,500. This covers the purchase of the brand new motorcycles, initial registration, helmet, and one years insurance.

Motorcycles for Missions story